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Danzan-Ryu Jujitsu Boards

We approach our training on many levels. The core of our curriculum comes from the AJJF Kata Manual. A set of boards listing the basic Danzan-Ryu techniques are posted on the wall at the dojo for student's reference.

Students may use these web boards as a foundation for their notebooks.

The above lists are primarily from the AJJF Kata Manual, 1996.

Maintained by: webmaster@DanzanRyu.com, we welcome comments.

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Kowami - Warm-ups and Conditioning

Yawara - Techniques of Gentleness

Nage Te - Throwing Techniques

Nage Waza - Additional Throwing Techniques

Goshin Jitsu - Techniques of Self Defense

Shime Te - Constriction Techniques

Oku No Te - Deeper Techniques

Kiai No Maki - Scroll of Spirit Shout

Percussion - Kicking, Blocking and Striking Techniques

Shinin No Maki - Blackbelt Techniques