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Dojo Etiquette

The following are several basic rules on how to conduct oneself in the dojo. There are rules of etiquette that should practiced. Don't be concerned if you cannot remember all the rules: simply follow a more senior student's lead, and, if in doubt, bow.

  1. Bullet The bow

If standing; bend forward at the waist. You should retain eye contact with the person to which you are bowing. If kneeling, place your hands flat on the floor in front of you so that your hands are touching or overlapping. Touch your forehead to your hands.

  1. Bullet Sitting seiza

Kneel and sit back on your ankles. Some people allow their feet to overlap so that the toes of their left foot cross over the toes of their right. Whenever sitting in class, sit seiza or with your legs crossed: never sit with your legs outstretched.

  1. Bullet Entering/exiting the dojo

Face the room and bow as you enter or exit the dojo.

  1. Bullet Stepping on/off the mat

Always take off your shoes before you step on the mat. Face the center of the mat and bow before you step on or off the mat. Step on with the right foot, step off with the left foot.

  1. Bullet Start/close of class

Line up, sitting seiza, facing the front of the room (for Kodai No Bushido this is the wall with the flag). White belts will face the front. More advanced students will sit on either the right or the left depending on rank. Black belts will sit with their backs to the wall. When you hear kiotsuke become quiet and sit at attention. When you hear shomen-ni bow to the front of the class. When you hear sensei-ni bow to the class. For the close of class you will line up the same way, but the bows are in reverse order.

  1. Bullet Working with a partner

Show respect by bowing to your partner both before and after working together.

  1. Bullet The tap

This is not really a rule of etiquette, but a very important safety rule. If you are in pain or placed in a dangerous position, tap your partner, yourself or the mat so that your partner is aware that you wish him or her to stop. This means that the tap should be loud and/or distinctly felt.

  1. Bullet Safety

It is the responsibility of ALL students to maintain a safe environment. When you feel uncomfortable about a technique the safe thing to do is to pass. Inform the instructor whenever you feel that another student is not working safely (see 9 below). Notify sensei (the instructor) before class if you have any mental or physical limitations that may restrict the techniques that are safe for you to receive and/or do to others.

  1. Bullet Injuries

If you injure yourself stop where you are and call the instructor over. All of our black belts are trained and certified in American Red Cross Standard First-Aid and CPR as well as athletic taping and Jujitsu restorative techniques. Please bring any and all injuries to sensei's immediate attention. DO NOT LEAVE THE MAT to attend to injuries without notifying the sensei as to why you are leaving the mat.

  1. Bullet Joining/leaving classes in progress

In order to join a class in progress stand at the edge of the mat and wait for the instructor to bow you on. When you must leave before class is concluded tell the instructor you wish to bow off before leaving the mat. Whenever you leave the mat (regardless of the reason or expected duration), stand at the edge of the mat and make eye contact with the sensei. Wait for the sensei to bow to you before leaving the mat.

  1. Bullet Exit the mat after class by rank

As a sign of respect for their elders, students remain in seiza after the class has ended until all the higher ranking dojo buddies have bowed off the mat.

  1. Bullet The Art stays on the mat

Much of what we practice routinely with each other will seriously injure the uninitiated. It is not to be demonstrated or practiced on others outside of the dojo. The first rule of self defense is to avoid situations that require self defense.

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