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Adult Jujitsu

In this course, you'll learn the techniques of Danzan-Ryu Jujitsu that lead to a black belt in this complete jujitsu style. Jujitsu is exercise with a purpose. In addition to a good workout, you'll gain knowledge of physical and mental techniques that will build your confidence and discipline. With continuing study, you'll advance from white belt, through blue, green and 3 levels of brown belt to black belt.

Introduction to Jujitsu is required before starting the Adult Jujitsu class.

A white judo gi is required and may be purchased from the dojo at the first class.

Attendance at two or more classes per week is recommended for optimum success and growth. You may, however, attend whenever you like. We have had successful students who could only attend one night/week. Training three times per week you should expect to progress to a new belt level every six months.

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Sensei Nancy throwing Sensei Matt for his Yondan promodtion.